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Lets Learn few words with Hindi meaning for your exams and try to use in your daily routine.

We are trying to help and provide guidance to know meaning and learn new words on daily basis to help and improve English Vocabulary.

We are trying those students so that they feel comfortable using these words.

Few Words with Hindi Meanings as per Below:

1) Turncoat (Noun)

English Meaning – A Dishonest person who changes his/her opinion according to his/her interest.
Hindi Meaning – दलबदलू , विश्वासघाती

Synonyms – Defector, Betrayer, Deserter, Backslider
Antonyms – Follower, Loyalist, Patriot, Companion

2) Paradox (Noun)

English Meaning – A statement that contradicts itself.
Hindi Meaning – विरोधाभासी
Synonyms – Irony, Riddle, Dilemma, Contradiction
Antonyms – Reality, Truth, Correction, Accuracy

3 ) Reckon (Verb)

English Meaning – Judge to be probable.
Hindi Meaning – अनुमान लगाना, आशा करना, समझना
Synonyms – Estimate, Consider, Think, Suppose
Antonyms – Devote, Neglect, Ponder, Abandon

4) Infallible (Adjective)

English Meaning – Incapable of failure.
Hindi Meaning – कभी गलती न करने वाला

5) Pivotal (Adjective)

English Meaning – Being of crucial importance.
Hindi Meaning – निर्णायक
Synonyms – Important, Vital, Essential
Antonyms – Negligible, Minor, Unimportant

6) Germane (Adjective)

English Meaning – Relevant and appropriate.
Hindi Meaning – संबन्धित
Synonyms – Suitable, Proper, Relevant.
Antonyms – Unsuitable, Improper, Irrelevant

7) Spurt (Verb)

English Meaning – Sudden Burst.
Hindi Meaning
Synonyms – Rush, Flood, Rush
Antonyms – Drip, Slump, Trickle

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