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Tezpatrika-Build Vocabulary

Today Words of the Day which will help you to build vocabulary and help you to use these words in your daily routine.

You can get to know the meaning of the words and improve your communication by using these words.

We believe that Learn and implement these words will help you to grow in life.

Please find the words with Hindi Meanings as per Below:

  1. Ratify – प्रमाणित करना
  2. Raze – पूरी तरह नष्ट कर देना
  3. Mean – कमीना
  4. Mirth – आनन्द
  5. Gaunt – भूखा रहकर दुबला होना
  6. Frigid – बहुत ठंडा
  7. Docile – सीखने योग्य
  8. Coarse – मोटा

We are bound to improve and provide better results for our users.

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