English Vocabulary

Tezpatrika.com English Vocabulary

We Bring List of words which will help to build your vocabulary and use in your daily routine. We appreciate to use these words in your daily life.

Words with Hindi Meanings as per Below :

  • Mumble – अस्पष्ट बोलना
  • Soever – कोई भी
  • Sombre – उदास
  • Raspy – कर्कश
  • Loiter – आवारा फिरना
  • Perish – खत्म हो जाना
  • Giggle – मंद मंद हँसना
  • Spunk – आकर्षक पुरुष
  • Folly – मूर्खता
  • Coax – फुसलाना

We are continue to improve and help you to improve vocabulary.

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