Ace Meaning in bengali

Adjective :-

1. কার্মুক

Noun :-

1. টেক্কা
2. পাশার পোয়া
3. সেরা ব্যক্তি
4. সামান্যতম পরিমাণ
5. তাসের টেক্কা
6. ওস্তাদ
7. প্রথম শ্রেণীর

Examples of Ace :-

1. An ace reporter
2. A crack shot
3. A first-rate golfer
4. A super party
5. Played top-notch tennis
6. An athlete in tiptop condition
7. She is absolutely tops
8. She sailed through her exams
9. You will pass with flying colors
10. She nailed her astrophysics course
11. He has the one but will need a two and three to go with it
12. They had lunch at one

Synonyms of Ace :-

1. Super
2. Ace
3. Crack
4. Tiptop
5. First-rate
6. A-one
7. Tops
8. Top-notch
9. Topnotch
10. Pass with flying colors
11. Breeze through
12. Nail
13. Sweep through
14. Sail through
15. Allied command europe
16. Angiotensin-converting enzyme
17. Angiotensin converting enzyme
18. Single
19. Unity
20. One
21. I
22. Adept
23. Star
24. Whizz
25. Maven
26. Wiz
27. Mavin
28. Hotshot
29. Virtuoso
30. Genius
31. Sensation
32. Whiz
33. Wizard
34. Superstar
35. Champion

Hypernyms of Ace :-

1. Make it
2. Pass
3. Headquarters
4. Protease
5. Proteolytic enzyme
6. Proteinase
7. Peptidase
8. Figure
9. Digit
10. Expert

Hyponyms of Ace :-

1. Singleton
2. Monas
3. Monad
4. Track star

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