Antibiotic Meaning in tamil

Examples of Antibiotic :-

  1. When antibiotics were first discovered they were called wonder drugs

Synonyms of Antibiotic :-

  1. Antibiotic
  2. Antibiotic drug

Hypernyms of Antibiotic :-

  1. Bactericide
  2. Antibacterial
  3. Antibacterial drug

Hyponyms of Antibiotic :-

  1. Pyocyanase
  2. Gramicidin
  3. Garamycin
  4. Cycloserine
  5. Oxytetracycline
  6. Vancocin
  7. Cipro
  8. Lincomycin
  9. Doxycycline
  10. Terramycin
  11. Subtilin
  12. Mycostatin
  13. Mefoxin
  14. Mitomycin
  15. Mutamycin
  16. Streptothricin
  17. Vancomycin
  18. Doxorubicin
  19. Antimycin
  20. Bacitracin
  21. Pediamycin
  22. Tyrocidin
  23. Lincocin
  24. Spectinomycin
  25. Nebcin
  26. Kanamycin
  27. Azactam
  28. Cephalosporin
  29. Ethril
  30. Chloromycetin
  31. Hydroxytetracycline
  32. Mycomycin
  33. E-Mycin
  34. Chloramphenicol
  35. Neomycin
  36. Nystan
  37. Penicillin
  38. Polymyxin
  39. Carbomycin
  40. Neobiotic
  41. Aztreonam
  42. Cephaloglycin
  43. Vibramycin
  44. Dihydrostreptomycin
  45. Tobramycin
  46. Tyrothricin
  47. Amphotericin
  48. Erythrocin
  49. Kantrex
  50. Erythromycin
  51. Cephaloridine
  52. Gentamicin
  53. Fradicin
  54. Ilosone
  55. Viomycin
  56. Primaxin
  57. Antineoplastic antibiotic
  58. Kafocin
  59. Chlortetracycline
  60. Nystatin
  61. Oxytetracycline hydrochloride
  62. Viocin
  63. Novobiocin
  64. Pyocyanin
  65. Actinomycin
  66. Tyrocidine
  67. Aureomycin
  68. Streptomycin
  69. Ciprofloxacin

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