Apply Meaning in tamil

Meaning :-

1. இடு
2. போடு
3. உபயோகி

Examples of Apply :-

1. This theory lends itself well to our new data
2. Apply the rules to everyone
3. The same laws apply to you!
4. This theory holds for all irrational numbers
5. The same rules go for everyone
6. Use your head!
7. We only use Spanish at home
8. I can't use this tool
9. Apply a magnetic field here
10. This thinking was applied to many projects
11. How do you utilize this tool?
12. I apply this rule to get good results
13. Use the plastic bags to store the food
14. He doesn't know how to use a computer

Synonyms of Apply :-

1. Lend oneself
2. Apply
3. Enforce
4. Implement
5. Go for
6. Hold
7. Employ
8. Use
9. Utilize
10. Utilise

Antonyms of Apply :-

1. Defy
2. Exempt
3. Refuse
4. Fire

Hypernyms of Apply :-

1. Obligate
2. Compel
3. Oblige
4. Relate
5. Refer
6. Touch on
7. Come to
8. Touch
9. Bear on
10. Have-to doe with
11. Pertain
12. Concern

Hyponyms of Apply :-

1. Run
2. Execute
3. Devote
4. Play
5. Reprocess
6. Reuse
7. Overuse
8. Commit
9. Exercise
10. Enjoy
11. Put
12. Cannibalize
13. Exert
14. Recycle
15. Recur
16. Share
17. Implement
18. Resort
19. Fall back
20. Waste
21. Misapply
22. Strain
23. Give
24. Avail
25. Tap
26. Address
27. Work
28. Pull out all the stops
29. Consecrate
30. Misuse
31. Dedicate
32. Extend
33. Take
34. Cannibalise
35. Put to work
36. Ply
37. Exploit
38. Overdrive
39. Assign

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