Approach Meaning in tamil

Meaning :-

1. சமீபி
2. நெருங்கு

Examples of Approach :-

1. This borders on discrimination!
2. His playing approaches that of Horowitz
3. Approach a task
4. Go about a difficult problem
5. Approach a new project
6. We were approaching our destination
7. They are drawing near
8. The enemy army came nearer and nearer
9. He lost the hole when his approach rolled over the green
10. The hunter's approach scattered the geese
11. His approach to every problem is to draw up a list of pros and cons
12. An attack on inflation
13. His plan of attack was misguided

Synonyms of Approach :-

1. Border on
2. Approach
3. Set about
4. Go about
5. Come on
6. Near
7. Come near
8. Go up
9. Draw close
10. Draw near
11. Approach shot
12. Approaching
13. Coming
14. Glide path
15. Approach path
16. Glide slope
17. Attack
18. Plan of attack

Antonyms of Approach :-

1. End

Hypernyms of Approach :-

1. Come close
2. Approximate
3. Move
4. Act
5. Come up
6. Come
7. Swing
8. Golf stroke
9. Golf shot
10. Motion
11. Movement
12. Flight path
13. Airway
14. Skyway
15. Air lane
16. Formulation
17. Conceptualization
18. Conceptualisation

Hyponyms of Approach :-

1. Converge
2. Face
3. Confront
4. Face up
5. Crowd
6. Bear down on
7. Drive up
8. Edge in
9. Bear down upon
10. Edge up
11. Close
12. Push
13. Chip
14. Chip shot
15. Pitch
16. Pitch shot
17. Access
18. Closing
19. Run-up
20. Landing approach
21. Closure
22. Avenue

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