Area Meaning in gujarati

Noun :-

1. ક્ષેત્રફળ ( Kshetrafal )
2. વર્ગફળ ( Vargafal )

Examples of Area :-

1. It was a mountainous area
2. Bible country
3. The area of a rectangle
4. It was about square feet in area
5. His social sphere is limited
6. It was a closed area of employment
7. He's out of my orbit

Synonyms of Area :-

1. Area
2. Country
3. Surface area
4. Expanse
5. Field
6. Sphere
7. Domain
8. Orbit
9. Arena

Hypernyms of Area :-

1. Region
2. Extent
3. Environment

Hyponyms of Area :-

1. Stamping ground
2. Haunt
3. Free port
4. Section
5. Arena
6. Danger
7. Space
8. Scene
9. Bed ground
10. Corner
11. Staging area
12. Safety
13. High country
14. Block
15. Bed-ground
16. Resort
17. City block
18. Anchorage ground
19. No man's land
20. Quadrant
21. Winner's circle
22. Anchorage
23. Shrubbery
24. Heart
25. Eye
26. Retreat
27. Broadcast area
28. Neighborhood
29. Vacation spot
30. Repair
31. Rain shadow
32. Hunting ground
33. Hangout
34. Free zone
35. Hearth
36. Playground
37. Disaster area
38. Middle
39. Resort area
40. Center
41. Refuge
42. Tank farm
43. Clear
44. Centre
45. No-go area
46. Bedground
47. Fireside
48. Open
49. Balk
50. Land area
51. Footprint
52. Erasure
53. Baulk
54. Acreage
55. Place
56. Blank space
57. Plane section
58. Political sphere
59. Province
60. Responsibility
61. Land
62. Realm
63. Lap
64. Political arena
65. Front
66. Preserve
67. Distaff
68. Kingdom

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