Artefact Meaning in bengali

Noun :-

1. হস্তনির্মিত বস্তু

Synonyms of Artefact :-

1. Artifact
2. Artefact

Antonyms of Artefact :-

1. Natural object

Hypernyms of Artefact :-

1. Unit
2. Whole

Hyponyms of Artefact :-

1. Bed
2. Plaything
3. Stinker
4. Mystification
5. Float
6. Good
7. Cone
8. Anachronism
9. Strip
10. Excavation
11. Block
12. Instrumentation
13. Decoration
14. Restoration
15. Surface
16. Textile
17. Weight
18. Ornamentation
19. Duplicate
20. Article
21. Flat solid
22. Fixture
23. Square
24. Paving
25. Americana
26. Fabric
27. Marker
28. Paving material
29. Trade good
30. Cushioning
31. Cloth
32. Commodity
33. Covering
34. Line
35. Insert
36. Layer
37. Button
38. Lemon
39. Ornament
40. Sphere
41. Extra
42. Installation
43. Construction
44. Sheet
45. Track
46. Electroplate
47. Creation
48. Toy
49. Pavement
50. Padding
51. Ready-made
52. Inset
53. Instrumentality
54. Opening
55. Building material
56. Squeaker
57. Structure
58. Way
59. Decker
60. Material
61. Slip
62. Antiquity
63. Facility
64. Thing

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