Association Meaning in gujarati

Meaning :-

1. મંડળ
2. સંસ્થા
3. સંઘ
4. સંબંધ
5. સમાજ

Examples of Association :-

1. He joined the Modern Language Association
2. A valuable financial affiliation
3. He was sorry he had to sever his ties with other members of the team
4. Many close associations with England

Synonyms of Association :-

1. Tie-up
2. Tie
3. Affiliation
4. Association

Antonyms of Association :-

1. Disassociation

Hypernyms of Association :-

1. Organization
2. Organisation
3. Relationship

Hyponyms of Association :-

1. Veterans of Foreign Wars
3. Mob
4. Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons
5. Secret society
6. Conference
7. Ring
8. Consortium
9. National Association of Realtors
10. Northern Baptist Convention
11. Association of Southeast Asian Nations
12. American Baptist Convention
13. Guild
14. Society
15. Professional association
16. Club
17. Fabian society
18. Sisterhood
19. Order
20. Gang
21. VFW
22. League
23. Pool
24. Syndicate
25. Social club
26. Gild
27. Fellowship
28. Pack
29. Cooperative
30. Legion
31. American Legion
32. Lodge
33. Institute
34. Asean
35. Southern Baptist Convention
36. Family
37. Chamber of commerce
38. Sistership

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