Attach Meaning in hindi / Attach का हिन्दी अर्थ

Verb :-

1. संलग्न करना ( sanalagn karana )
2. लगाना ( lagana )
3. जोड़ना ( joDana )
4. सम्बद्ध होना ( sambaddh hona )
5. देना ( dena )
6. मिला लेना ( mila lena )

Examples of Attach / Attach के उदाहरण :-

1. The FBI seized the drugs
2. The customs agents impounded the illegal shipment
3. The police confiscated the stolen artwork

Synonyms of Attach / Attach के पर्यायवाची :-

1. Confiscate
2. Impound
3. Seize
4. Attach
5. Sequester

Antonyms of Attach / Attach के विलोम शब्द :-

1. Detach

Hypernyms of Attach :-

1. Tie
2. Link
3. Link up
4. Connect
5. Take

Hyponyms of Attach :-

1. Couple
2. Saddle
3. Ring
4. Glue
5. Hang on
6. Hook up
7. Add on
8. Secure
9. Bind
10. Peg
11. Fix
12. Tape
13. Band
14. Catch
15. Enter
16. Tag
17. Limber up
18. Fasten
19. Pin up
20. Tack
21. Stick on
22. Tether
23. Nail
24. Infix
25. Bell
26. Mount
27. Couple on
28. Supplement
29. Tack on
30. Tackle
31. Limber
32. Hinge
33. Yoke
34. Link
35. Insert
36. Paste
37. Fixate
38. Hitch
39. Pin down
40. Affix
41. Tag on
42. Introduce
43. Couple up
44. Label
45. Harness
46. Append
47. Peg down
48. Clip
49. Mark
50. Distrain
51. Garnish
52. Condemn
53. Garnishee

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