Automobile Meaning in bengali

Adjective :-

1. মোটরগাড়িযুক্ত
2. স্বয়ংচল
3. মোটরগাড়ি

Noun :-

1. মোটরগাড়ি

Examples of Automobile :-

1. He needs a car to get to work

Synonyms of Automobile :-

1. Automobile
2. Auto
3. Car
4. Machine
5. Motorcar

Hypernyms of Automobile :-

1. Move
2. Locomote
3. Go
4. Travel
5. Automotive vehicle
6. Motor vehicle

Hyponyms of Automobile :-

1. Bus
2. Used-car
3. Compact
4. Subcompact car
5. Beach waggon
6. Landrover
7. Loaner
8. Pace car
9. Hardtop
10. Patrol car
11. Estate car
12. Cruiser
13. Phaeton
14. Gas guzzler
15. Hot rod
16. Hack
17. Electric car
18. Race car
19. Jeep
20. Racing car
21. Beach wagon
22. Coupe
23. Horseless carriage
24. Police car
25. Squad car
26. Waggon
27. Minivan
28. Model T
29. Station waggon
30. Taxi
31. Ambulance
32. Hot-rod
33. Sport utility vehicle
34. Racer
35. SUV
36. Saloon
37. Stock car
38. Roadster
39. Sport car
40. Two-seater
41. Tourer
42. Taxicab
43. Cab
44. Wagon
45. Stanley Steamer
46. Station wagon
47. Limousine
48. Compact car
49. Touring car
50. Runabout
51. Heap
52. Electric automobile
53. Sports car
54. Secondhand car
55. Electric
56. Jalopy
57. Convertible
58. Prowl car
59. Police cruiser
60. Limo
61. Hatchback
62. Minicar
63. Sedan
64. Subcompact
65. Sport utility

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