Corpse Meaning in hindi / Corpse का हिन्दी अर्थ

Noun :-

1. लाश ( lash )
2. शव ( shav )
3. मृत शरीर (शव) ( maRat sharir shav )
4. मृतक ( mRtaka )
5. मैयत ( maiyata )
6. लोथ ( lotha )
7. जनाज़ा ( janaaza )
8. मुरदा ( murada )

Examples of Corpse / Corpse के उदाहरण :-

1. The cadaver was intended for dissection
2. The end of the police search was the discovery of a corpse.
3. The murderer confessed that he threw the stiff in the river
4. Honor comes to bless the turf that wraps their clay
5. Sushant corpse was brought to the Leela bai hospital for postmortem.
6. During Yoga Training, we need to do a corpse pose.
7. After death, Rajesh and his friend carried the corpse in the backward of his house.
8. The corpse was found by kids while playing in the park.

Synonyms of Corpse / Corpse के पर्यायवाची :-

1. Stiff
2. Cadaver
3. Remains
4. Corpse
5. Clay
6. Carcass
7. Bones
8. Skeleton
9. Dead
10. Deceased
11. Carrion

Antonyms of Corpse / Corpse के विलोम शब्द :-

1. Live person
2. Living person
3. Character
4. Psyche
5. Essence
6. Core

Hypernyms of Corpse :-

1. Dead body
2. Body

Hyponyms of Corpse :-

1. Cremains

corpse meaning in English

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