Disdain Meaning in hindi / Disdain का हिन्दी अर्थ

Noun :-

1. अवहे ( avahe )
2. अवहेलना ( avahelanA )
3. हक़ारत की नज़र ( haक़Arata kI naज़ra )
4. अवज्ञा ( avagya )
5. घृणा ( ghrna )
6. तिरस्कार ( tiraskaar )
7. घृष्टता ( ghrshtata )

Verb :-

1. अवहेलना ( avahelana )
2. नफरत ( napharat )
3. उपेक्षा करना ( upekSha karana )
4. घिनाना ( ghinaana )
5. घृणा करना ( ghrna karana )
6. तुच्छ समझना ( tuchchh samajhana )
7. तिरस्कार करना ( tiraskaar karana )

Transitive verb :-

1. अवहेलना करना ( avahelana karana )

Examples of Disdain / Disdain के उदाहरण :-

1. He despises the people he has to work for
2. The professor scorns the students who don't catch on immediately
3. She spurned his advances
4. He was held in contempt
5. The despite in which outsiders were held is legendary
6. The arrogant writer did not hide his disdain for his untaught followers' partner.
7. Vikram disdained everyone outside his gym.
8. CEO regarded his proposal with disdain.
9. To my surprise, his face was no longer disdain for the brand.

Synonyms of Disdain / Disdain के पर्यायवाची :-

1. Contemn
2. Scorn
3. Despise
4. Disdain
5. Pooh-pooh
6. Freeze off
7. Turn down
8. Reject
9. Spurn
10. Contempt
11. Despite
12. Disregard
13. Ridicule
14. Contumely
15. Slight
16. Sneer
17. Dismiss
18. Deride
19. Disparage

Antonyms of Disdain / Disdain के विलोम शब्द :-

1. Admire
2. Adoration
3. Appreciate
4. Consider
5. Regard
6. Modesty
7. Humility
8. Deference
9. Respect
10. Praise
11. Esteem
12. Favor

Hypernyms of Disdain :-

1. Detest
2. Hate
3. Refuse
4. Decline
5. Dislike

Hyponyms of Disdain :-

1. Look down on
2. Rebuff
3. Repel
4. Snub

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