Indite Meaning in hindi / Indite का हिन्दी अर्थ

Verb :-

1. लिखना ( likhana )
2. रचना ( rachana )
3. लिपिबद्ध ( LipibaDha )
4. रचना करना ( rachana karana )
5. सृजना ( srjana )

Examples of Indite / Indite के उदाहरण :-

1. She composed a poem.
2. He wrote four novels.
3. He indites the wonderful tale of our Shri Ram.
4. My Grandfather used to indited many letters to the government for the betterment of villagers.
5. The exposure he got while visiting around the world, he divulges indite in the book.

Synonyms of Indite / Indite के पर्यायवाची :-

1. Indite
2. Compose
3. Pen
4. Write
5. Assemble
6. Build
7. Inscribe
8. Formulate
9. Engross
10. Frame
11. Construct
12. Concoct
13. Produce
14. Collaborate

Antonyms of Indite / Indite के विलोम शब्द :-

1. Read

Hypernyms of Indite :-

1. Create verbally

Hyponyms of Indite :-

1. Write copy
2. Paragraph
3. Write of
4. Fling off
5. Annotate
6. Dramatize
7. Write up
8. Poetize
9. Reference
10. Outline
11. Toss off
12. Draft
13. Dash off
14. Write out
15. Verse
16. Write about
17. Poetise
18. Dramatise
19. Author
20. Profile
21. Draw
22. Footnote
23. Rewrite
24. Script
25. Write on
26. Knock off
27. Scratch off
28. Lyric
29. Adopt
30. Versify
31. Cite
32. Write off

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