Anomaly Meaning in english

1. (Noun): Deviation from the normal or common order or form or rule
2. (Noun): A person who is unusual
3. (Noun): Something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected
4. (Noun): Deviation from the normal
5. (Noun): Something that is unusual or unexpected

Examples of Anomaly :-

1. In order to find the anomaly, the quality analyst had to repeat the testing over all the used cases again.
2. Since my son has a past of slipping grades, his excellent ranks are a pleasing anomaly.
3. This is an unfair anomaly in our GST tax structure.
4. Women army officers are still an anomaly in a largely male profession.

Synonyms of Anomaly :-

1. Anomaly
2. Anomalousness
3. Unusual person
4. Irregularity
5. Deviation
6. Curiosity
7. Freak
8. Abnormity
9. Oddity

Antonyms of Anomaly :-

1. Constancy
2. Convention
3. Accord
4. Usual
5. Regularity
6. Normal
7. Conformity
8. Standard

Hypernyms of Anomaly :-

1. Abnormality
2. Abnormalcy
3. Individual
4. Someone
5. Person
6. Soul
7. Somebody
8. Mortal

Hyponyms of Anomaly :-

1. Birth defect
2. Congenital defect
3. Congenital abnormality
4. Congenital anomaly
5. Congenital disorder
6. Odd fish
7. Ugly duckling
8. Oddball
9. Aberrant
10. Anachronism
11. Transsexual
12. Albino
13. Behemoth
14. Zombie
15. Odd fellow
16. Giant
17. Transexual
18. Jekyll and hyde
19. Misfit
20. Colossus
21. Rara avis
22. Rare bird
23. Monster
24. Odd man out
25. Automaton
26. Kook
27. Queer duck
28. Zombi
29. Geek
30. Eccentric person
31. Flake
32. Queer bird
33. Eccentric
34. Goliath

anomaly meaning in Hindi

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