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ask for trouble ask for it
a magical collyrium said to make a man see things buried underground a married couple
a medicinal mixture a milch cow
a mountain pass a Muslim lady
a muslim lawgiver a palatial mansion
a peculiar type of religious mendicant a plastic toy
a railway junction a religious discourse
a sanskrit couplet a shoe maker frame
a short story a snake charmer flute
a spinning top a student hostel
a (swinging) cradle a (telephone) receiver
a (thin) bread a (traditionally trained) surgeon
a (urdu or persian) teacher a (violent) splash (produced by the impact of something on water)
a vocative word of respect a (wash) basin
a wheatish complexioned deadly snake attach
append a
a betel market a (big and heavy) chain
a (blue) lotus a (buddhistic) monastery
a (buddhistic) monument (generally of a pyramidal or dome_like form and erected over the sacred relics a (car) taxi
a (castrated) he_goat a (cotton) wrapper
a (currency) note a (dramatic) tragedy
a (female) friend a (field) leveller
a fuel shop a (guileful) move to pay
a (gun) fire a (hand) loom
a (hand) rammer a (huge) kettle_drum

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