Carry Meaning in english

1. (Verb): Move while supporting, either in a vehicle or in one's hands or on one's body
2. (Verb): Win approval or support for
3. (Verb): Have on hand
4. (Verb): Be pregnant with
5. (Verb): Transmit or serve as the medium for transmission
6. (Verb): Behave in a certain manner
7. (Noun): The act of carrying something

Examples of Carry :-

1. You must carry your camping gear
2. Carry the suitcases to the car
3. This train is carrying nuclear waste
4. These pipes carry waste water into the river
5. Carry all before one
6. His speech did not sway the voters
7. Do you carry kerosene heaters?
8. She is bearing his child
9. The are expecting another child in January
10. I am carrying his child
11. Sound carries well over water
12. The airwaves carry the sound
13. Many metals conduct heat
14. She carried herself well
15. He bore himself with dignity
16. They conducted themselves well during these difficult times

Synonyms of Carry :-

1. Transport
2. Sway
3. Persuade
4. Stockpile
5. Stock
6. Expect
7. Have a bun in the oven
8. Gestate
9. Bear
10. Conduct
11. Impart
12. Convey
13. Channel
14. Transmit
15. Behave
16. Comport
17. Deport
18. Acquit

Antonyms of Carry :-

1. Dissuade
2. Repatriate

Hypernyms of Carry :-

1. Move
2. Displace
3. Work
4. Act upon
5. Influence
6. Have got
7. Have
8. Hold
9. Deliver
10. Birth
11. Bear
12. Give birth
13. Take
14. Convey
15. Bring
16. Act
17. Carry
18. Transfer
19. Conveyance
20. Transferral
21. Transport
22. Transportation

Hyponyms of Carry :-

1. Haul
2. Tug
3. Pipe in
4. Bring
5. Pack
6. Cart
7. Bucket
8. Take
9. Fly
10. Port
11. Chariot
12. Convey
13. Bear
14. Tote
15. Shoulder
16. Return
17. Porter
18. Lug
19. Bring in
20. Wash up
21. Retransmit
22. Fluster
23. Deal
24. Walk around
25. Pose
26. Assert
27. Posture
28. Put forward
29. Porterage
30. Backpacking
31. Packing
32. Fireman's carry
33. Portage
34. Piggyback

carry meaning in Hindi

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