Container Meaning in english

1. Any object that can be used to hold things (especially a large metal boxlike object of standardized dimensions that can be loaded from one form of transport to another) (noun)


1. instrumentation
2. instrumentality


1. basket
2. bin
3. saltcellar
4. thimble
5. watering pot
6. shaker
7. bag
8. display case
9. dumpster
10. cassette
11. empty
12. workbasket
13. cast
14. bank
15. cargo container
16. fuel pod
17. vessel
18. tin
19. spoon
20. circular file
21. drinking glass
22. magnetic bottle
23. pan
24. scuttle
25. case
26. dice box
27. bunker
28. glass
29. parcel
30. package
31. wastepaper basket
32. trough
33. mold
34. vitrine
35. mailer
36. coal scuttle
37. waste basket
38. grab bag
39. money box
40. cannister
41. manger
42. storage ring
43. savings bank
44. envelope
45. measure
46. dish
47. dice cup
48. watering can
49. cup
50. workbag
51. capsule
52. pipe bowl
53. pod
54. powder flask
55. coin bank
56. handbasket
57. box
58. breadbox
59. bowl
60. dispenser
61. can
62. waste-paper basket
63. tin can
64. pot
65. bread-bin
66. reliquary
67. wheeled vehicle
68. canister
69. wastebasket
70. drawer
71. handbag
72. workbox
73. flowerpot
74. powder horn
75. pocketbook
76. receptacle
77. showcase
78. cylinder
79. time capsule
80. purse
81. mould

container meaning in Hindi

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