Dance Meaning in english

1. Move in a graceful and rhythmical way (verb)
2. Move in a pattern; usually to musical accompaniment; do or perform a dance (verb)
3. An artistic form of nonverbal communication (noun)
4. Taking a series of rhythmical steps (and movements) in time to music (noun)

Example Sentences

1. The young girl danced into the room
2. My husband and I like to dance at home to the radio


1. trip the light fantastic
2. trip the light fantastic toe
3. dance
4. dancing
5. terpsichore
6. saltation


1. move
2. art
3. fine art
4. performing arts
5. recreation
6. diversion


1. sashay
2. capriole
3. chasse
4. glissade
5. skank
6. charleston
7. contradance
8. cha-cha
9. jig
10. two-step
11. shimmy
12. shag
13. belly dance
14. bump
15. contredanse
16. contra danse
17. jive
18. tap
19. break-dance
20. hoof
21. tap dance
22. clog
23. cakewalk
24. quickstep
25. jitterbug
26. bebop
27. rumba
28. twist
29. polka
30. bop
31. mosh
32. foxtrot
33. break dance
34. disco
35. boogie
36. one-step
37. mambo
38. waltz
39. heel
40. waltz around
41. square dance
42. tango
43. thrash
44. samba
45. tapdance
46. country-dance
47. break
48. slam dance
49. folk dance
50. slam
51. kick
52. grind
53. rhumba
54. conga
55. extension
56. choreography
57. slam dancing
58. saraband
59. ritual dance
60. social dancing
61. pavan
62. toe dancing
63. break dancing
64. variation
65. pas seul
66. pas de trois
67. pas de quatre
68. toe dance
69. adagio
70. ritual dancing
71. courante
72. pas de deux
73. stage dancing
74. ceremonial dance
75. step dancing
76. duet
77. phrase
78. nautch
79. hoofing
80. nauch
81. nautch dance
82. pavane

dance meaning in Hindi

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