Endure Meaning in english

1. (Verb): Persist for a specified period of time
2. (Verb): Undergo or be subjected to
3. (Verb): Face and withstand with courage
4. (Verb): Continue to exist
5. (Verb): Continue to live through hardship or adversity
6. (Verb): Put up with something or somebody unpleasant

Examples of Endure :-

1. The bad weather lasted for three days
2. He suffered the penalty
3. Many saints suffered martyrdom
4. She braved the elements
5. These stories die hard
6. The legend of Elvis endures
7. We went without water and food for days
8. These superstitions survive in the backwaters of America
9. The race car driver lived through several very serious accidents
10. How long can a person last without food and water?
11. I cannot bear his constant criticism
12. The new secretary had to endure a lot of unprofessional remarks
13. He learned to tolerate the heat
14. She stuck out two years in a miserable marriage

Synonyms of Endure :-

1. Last
2. Endure
3. Suffer
4. Brave out
5. Weather
6. Brave
7. Die hard
8. Prevail
9. Run
10. Persist
11. Survive
12. Go
13. Hold up
14. Hold out
15. Live
16. Live on
17. Brook
18. Digest
19. Stomach
20. Bear
21. Stick out
22. Stand
23. Abide
24. Support
25. Put up
26. Tolerate

Antonyms of Endure :-

1. Enjoy
2. Succumb

Hypernyms of Endure :-

1. Measure
2. See
3. Experience
4. Go through
5. Withstand
6. Defy
7. Hold up
8. Hold
9. Continue
10. Allow
11. Permit
12. Let
13. Countenance

Hyponyms of Endure :-

1. Drag on
2. Hold out
3. Wear
4. Run
5. Endure
6. Run for
7. Drag out
8. Die
9. Tolerate
10. Carry over
11. Reverberate
12. Hold water
13. Perennate
14. Live out
15. Stand up
16. Hold up
17. Bear up
18. Sit out
19. Hold still for
20. Swallow
21. Stand for
22. Live with
23. Pay
24. Take lying down
25. Accept
26. Take a joke

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