Enter Meaning in english

1. (Verb): Put or introduce into something
2. (Verb): Make a record of; set down in permanent form
3. (Verb): Register formally as a participant or member
4. (Verb): To come or go into

Examples of Enter :-

1. Insert a picture into the text
2. The party recruited many new members
3. The boat entered an area of shallow marshes

Synonyms of Enter :-

1. Introduce
2. Insert
3. Infix
4. Enter
5. Record
6. Put down
7. Inscribe
8. Enrol
9. Recruit
10. Enroll
11. Go into
12. Come in
13. Go in
14. Move into
15. Get into
16. Get in

Antonyms of Enter :-

1. Erase
2. Exit

Hypernyms of Enter :-

1. Attach
2. Save
3. Preserve
4. Register

Hyponyms of Enter :-

1. Canulate
2. Graft
3. Imbed
4. Cannulise
5. Sandwich
6. Implant
7. Instill
8. Penetrate
9. Intubate
10. Engraft
11. Cannulize
12. Input
13. Plug in
14. Plug into
15. Cannulate
16. Plant
17. Instil
18. Transplant
19. Embed
20. Connect
21. Inscribe
22. Punch in
23. Chalk up
24. Log
25. Maintain
26. Document
27. Book
28. Accession
29. Score
30. File
31. Tape
32. Post
33. File away
34. Shoot
35. Videotape
36. Log up
37. Manifest
38. Film
39. Clock up
40. Take
41. Clock on
42. Photograph
43. Clock in
44. Keep
45. Notch
46. Ring up
47. Tally
48. Mark
49. Chronicle
50. Snap
51. Register
52. Muster in
53. Matriculate
54. Unionize
55. Draft
56. Enlist
57. Unionise
58. Take water
59. Intrude on
60. File in
61. Invade
62. Call at
63. Intrude
64. Obtrude upon
65. Perforate
66. Get on
67. Encroach upon
68. Walk in
69. Re-enter
70. Out in
71. Irrupt
72. Pop in
73. Turn in
74. Take the field
75. Dock
76. Board

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