Foul Meaning in english

1. (Adjective): Especially of a ship&#;s lines etc
2. (Adjective): Disgustingly dirty; filled or smeared with offensive matter
3. (Adjective): (of a manuscript) defaced with changes
4. (Adjective): Characterized by obscenity
5. (Adjective): Violating accepted standards or rules
6. (Adjective): Offensively malodorous
7. (Adjective): Highly offensive; arousing aversion or disgust
8. (Verb): Hit a foul ball
9. (Verb): Spot, stain, or pollute
10. (Verb): Make impure
11. (Verb): Become or cause to become obstructed
12. (Noun): An act that violates the rules of a sport

Examples of Foul :-

1. With its sails afoul
2. A foul anchor
3. As filthy as a pigsty
4. A foul pond
5. A nasty pigsty of a room
6. Foul (or dirty) copy
7. Had a filthy mouth
8. Foul language
9. Smutty jokes
10. A dirty fighter
11. Used foul means to gain power
12. A nasty unsporting serve
13. Fined for unsportsmanlike behavior
14. A foul odor
15. The kitchen smelled really funky
16. A disgusting smell
17. Distasteful language
18. A loathsome disease
19. The idea of eating meat is repellent to me
20. Revolting food
21. A wicked stench
22. The townspeople defiled the river by emptying raw sewage into it
23. The industrial wastes polluted the lake
24. The leaves clog our drains in the Fall
25. The water pipe is backed up

Synonyms of Foul :-

1. Afoul
2. Foul
3. Afoul
4. Fouled
5. Filthy
6. Nasty
7. Dirty
8. Marked-up
9. Smutty
10. Cruddy
11. Unsportsmanlike
12. Unsporting
13. Cheating
14. Smelly
15. Foul-smelling
16. Noisome
17. Foetid
18. Funky
19. Stinking
20. Ill-scented
21. Fetid
22. Loathly
23. Yucky
24. Repellent
25. Revolting
26. Repelling
27. Distasteful
28. Repellant
29. Disgusting
30. Loathsome
31. Disgustful
32. Skanky
33. Wicked
34. Maculate
35. Befoul
36. Defile
37. Contaminate
38. Pollute
39. Congest
40. Choke
41. Choke off
42. Clog up
43. Back up
44. Clog

Antonyms of Foul :-

1. Unclog

Hypernyms of Foul :-

1. Hit
2. Attaint
3. Shame
4. Dishonor
5. Dishonour
6. Disgrace
7. Dirty
8. Grime
9. Soil
10. Colly
11. Begrime
12. Bemire
13. Occlude
14. Close up
15. Obstruct
16. Jam
17. Obturate
18. Block
19. Impede
20. Violation
21. Infringement

Hyponyms of Foul :-

1. Foul out
2. Taint
3. Infect
4. Crap up
5. Gum up
6. Block
7. Silt
8. Silt up
9. Stuff
10. Lug
11. Choke up
12. Foul ball
13. Technical
14. Personal foul
15. Technical foul

foul meaning in Hindi

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