Mar Meaning in english

1. (Verb): Make imperfect
2. (Noun): The month following February and preceding April
3. (Noun): A mark or flaw that spoils the appearance of something (especially on a person's body)
4. (Verb): Destroy or injure severely
5. (Noun): Impair the appearance of; disfigure
6. (Noun): To ruin the beauty or perfection of (something)
7. (Noun): To hurt or damage the good condition of (something)
8. (Noun): To spoil or damage it

Examples of Mar :-

1. Nothing marred her beauty
2. A facial blemish
3. During accident, there is a large scar marred his face.
4. During the crisis, Rahul could make or mar his career.
5. High voltage electricity polls and cables mar many of the world's most beautiful landscapes.
6. Shreya needs to be careful otherwise she will mar his project on the way to school.
7. You will mar the cake if you keep putting your fingers in the icing.

Synonyms of Mar :-

1. Deflower
2. Vitiate
3. Spoil
4. Mar
5. Impair
6. March
7. Defect
8. Blemish

Antonyms of Mar :-

1. Beautify
2. Adornment
3. Enrich
4. Decorate
5. Enhance
6. Better
7. Heal
8. Improve
9. Renovate
10. Revamp

Hypernyms of Mar :-

1. Damage
2. Gregorian calendar month
3. Appearance
4. Visual aspect

Hyponyms of Mar :-

1. Cloud
2. Taint
3. Corrupt
4. Disfigure
5. Sully
6. Blemish
7. Deface
8. Defile
9. Nevus
10. Blot
11. Stigma
12. Slur
13. Smirch
14. Chatter mark
15. Milium
16. Nick
17. Ding
18. Scrape
19. Crack
20. Burn
21. Chip
22. Whitehead
23. Daub
24. Mole
25. Dent
26. Scratch
27. Check
28. Blackhead
29. Verruca
30. Comedo
31. Burn mark
32. Smudge
33. Gouge
34. Scar
35. Spot
36. Smear
37. Wart
38. Mark
39. Birthmark

mar meaning in Hindi

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