Plunder Meaning in english

1. (Verb): Take illegally; of intellectual property
2. (Verb): Plunder (a town) after capture
3. (Verb): Steal goods; take as spoils
4. (Noun): Goods or money obtained illegally
5. (Verb): Destroy and strip of its possession
6. (Verb): To take by force or wrongfully

Examples of Plunder :-

1. This writer plundered from famous authors.
2. The barbarians sacked Rome.
3. During the earthquake people looted the stores that were deserted by their owners.
4. The retail store was plundered by the invading group of people.
5. As the old lady walked out from the bank, a man attacked her in an attempt to plundered the cash withdrawal from the bank.
6. If the dogs were not barked at the road, robbers would attempt to plunder the car.
7. When the gang discovered the old man held thousands of money in his house, they determined to tie him up and plunder his capital.
8. The Migrant citizens suffered the cruelty and offences of plunder.

Synonyms of Plunder :-

1. Plunder
2. Loot
3. Sack
4. Foray
5. Strip
6. Despoil
7. Ransack
8. Reave
9. Pillage
10. Rifle
11. Dirty money
12. Swag
13. Prize
14. Booty
15. Rob
16. Spoil
17. Ravage
18. Depredation
19. Devastate
20. Raid

Antonyms of Plunder :-

1. Hire
2. Apparel
3. Attire
4. Bury
5. Cherish
6. Conserve
7. Blanket
8. Enshrine
9. Deliver
10. Gift
11. Give

Hypernyms of Plunder :-

1. Steal
2. Take
3. Stolen property

Hyponyms of Plunder :-

1. Deplume
2. Displume

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