Put in Meaning in english

1. (Verb): Set up for use
2. (Verb): Break into a conversation
3. (Verb): To insert between other elements
4. (Verb): Introduce
5. (Verb): Keep or lay aside for future use

Examples of Put in :-

1. Install the washer and dryer
2. We put in a new sink
3. Her husband always chimes in, even when he is not involved in the conversation
4. She interjected clever remarks
5. Insert your ticket here
6. This poses an interesting question
7. Store grain for the winter
8. The bear stores fat for the period of hibernation when he doesn't eat

Synonyms of Put in :-

1. Put in
2. Instal
3. Install
4. Set up
5. Chisel in
6. Chime in
7. Barge in
8. Butt in
9. Cut in
10. Break in
11. Come in
12. Throw in
13. Interpose
14. Inject
15. Interject
16. Introduce
17. Stick in
18. Insert
19. Inclose
20. Enclose
21. Pose
22. Present
23. Hive away
24. Stash away
25. Lay in
26. Store
27. Salt away
28. Stack away

Hypernyms of Put in :-

1. Set
2. Pose
3. Lay
4. Place
5. Position
6. Put
7. Disrupt
8. Cut off
9. Break up
10. Interrupt
11. Make up
12. Be
13. Constitute
14. Represent
15. Comprise
16. Hold on
17. Keep

Hyponyms of Put in :-

1. Retrofit
2. Post
3. Reinstall
4. Put up
5. Disrupt
6. Interrupt
7. Catheterise
8. Glass
9. Inset
10. Intersperse
11. Catheterize
12. Foist
13. Feed
14. Feed in
15. Slip
16. Plug
17. Shoot
18. Inoculate
19. Interlard
20. Inject
21. Cup
22. Hive
23. Hoard
24. Bin
25. Victual
26. Roll up
27. Pile up
28. Compile
29. Computerize
30. Accumulate
31. Amass
32. Collect
33. Computerise

put in meaning in Hindi
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