Riddance Meaning in english

1. (Noun): The act of removing or getting rid of something
2. (Noun): The act of forcing out someone or something
3. (Noun): The act of getting rid of a troublesome or unwanted person or thing

Examples of Riddance :-

1. The ejection of troublemakers by the police.
2. The child's expulsion from school.
3. All of the workers were enthusiastic to bid good riddance to their undesirable director.
4. Much frustrated and furious, the woman decided riddance by poisoning to kill her cheating partner.
5. His transfer of location will be good riddance for the team.
6. Once a shot is recorded, Director has no riddle saying good riddance.
7. The new movement emphasized the formation of better policies, not riddance or punishment to the farmers.

Synonyms of Riddance :-

1. Riddance
2. Elimination
3. Ejection
4. Exclusion
5. Expulsion
6. Purge
7. Separation
8. Eradication
9. Abandonment
10. Freedom
11. Liberation
12. Release

Antonyms of Riddance :-

1. Absorb
2. Bondage
3. Captivity
4. Condone
5. Detention
6. Custody
7. Enclosure
8. Entanglement
9. Insertion
10. Internment
11. Imprisonment

Hypernyms of Riddance :-

1. Remotion
2. Removal
3. Banishment
4. Proscription

Hyponyms of Riddance :-

1. Simplification
2. Blackball
3. Ouster
4. Barring
5. Deportation
6. Ostracism
7. Ousting
8. Defenestration

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