Water Meaning in english

1. (Verb): Supply with water, as with channels or ditches or streams
2. (Noun): The part of the earth&#;s surface covered with water (such as a river or lake or ocean)
3. (Noun): Binary compound that occurs at room temperature as a clear colorless odorless tasteless liquid; freezes into ice below degrees centigrade and boils above degrees centigrade; widely used as a solvent
4. (Noun): A facility that provides a source of water
5. (Noun): Liquid excretory product

Examples of Water :-

1. Water the fields
2. They invaded our territorial waters
3. They were sitting by the water's edge
4. The town debated the purification of the water supply
5. First you have to cut off the water
6. There was blood in his urine
7. The child had to make water

Synonyms of Water :-

1. Irrigate
2. Water
3. Body of water
4. Ho
5. Water system
6. Water supply
7. Pee
8. Urine
9. Piddle
10. Piss
11. Weewee

Hypernyms of Water :-

1. Wet
2. Thing
3. Liquid
4. Binary compound
5. Installation
6. Facility
7. Excrement
8. Excreta
9. Excretion
10. Excretory product
11. Body waste

Hyponyms of Water :-

1. Hush
2. Flush
3. Hose
4. Hose down
5. Puddle
6. Sound
7. Channel
8. Main
9. Flowage
10. Ford
11. Backwater
12. Sea
13. International waters
14. Falls
15. Stream
16. Waterfall
17. Gulf
18. Bay
19. Mid-water
20. Shoal
21. High sea
22. Offing
23. Polynya
24. Waterway
25. Pool
26. Territorial waters
27. Crossing
28. Inlet
29. Drink
30. Recess
31. Embayment
32. Ocean
33. Estuary
34. Watercourse
35. Shallow
36. Seven seas
37. Lake
38. Briny
39. Holy water
40. Ground water
41. Brine
42. Dishwater
43. Soft water
44. Hard water
45. Meltwater
46. Distilled water
47. Bilge water
48. Seawater
49. Bilge
50. Slush
51. Water of crystallisation
52. Limewater
53. Water of hydration
54. Bath water
55. Freshwater
56. Water of crystallization
57. Well water
58. Saltwater
59. Fresh water
60. Tap water
61. Spring water

water meaning in Hindi
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