Tell Meaning in english

1. (Verb): Give instructions to or direct somebody to do something with authority
2. (Verb): Narrate or give a detailed account of
3. (Verb): Express in words
4. (Verb): Mark as different
5. (Noun): A Swiss patriot who lived in the early th century and who was renowned for his skill as an archer; according to legend an Austrian governor compelled him to shoot an apple from his son&#;s head with his crossbow (which he did successfully without mishap)

Examples of Tell :-

1. I said to him to go home
2. She ordered him to do the shopping
3. The mother told the child to get dressed
4. Tell what happened
5. The father told a story to his child
6. He said that he wanted to marry her
7. Tell me what is bothering you
8. State your opinion
9. State your name
10. We distinguish several kinds of maple

Synonyms of Tell :-

1. Tell
2. Enjoin
3. Say
4. Order
5. Narrate
6. Recount
7. Recite
8. State
9. Severalise
10. Secernate
11. Differentiate
12. Distinguish
13. Separate
14. Severalize
15. Tell apart
16. Secern
17. William tell

Antonyms of Tell :-

1. Deregulate

Hypernyms of Tell :-

1. Request
2. Inform
3. Give tongue to
4. Utter
5. Verbalize
6. Express
7. Verbalise
8. Identify
9. Place

Hyponyms of Tell :-

1. Call
2. Warn
3. Send for
4. Instruct
5. Direct
6. Require
7. Command
8. Crack
9. Relate
10. Rhapsodize
11. Yarn
12. Rhapsodise
13. Explain
14. Preface
15. Note
16. Declare
17. Precede
18. Remark
19. Sum
20. Misstate
21. Supply
22. Observe
23. Mention
24. Summarise
25. Premise
26. Reply
27. Add
28. Give
29. Introduce
30. Vocalize
31. Articulate
32. Get out
33. Announce
34. Sum up
35. Vocalise
36. Lay out
37. Answer
38. Enunciate
39. Summarize
40. Present
41. Respond
42. Append
43. Represent
44. Dissociate
45. Contradistinguish
46. Separate
47. Sex
48. Label
49. Single out
50. Individualise
51. Decouple
52. Severalise
53. Individualize
54. Know apart
55. Contrast
56. Severalize
57. Stratify
58. Demarcate
59. Know
60. Discriminate

tell meaning in Hindi

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